About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Our Team

MEET BHANDERI, the founder and CEO of NorthShore Mercury, is currently pursuing Computer Science B.Sc. and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor from The Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Bhanderi has over three years of experience in manufacturing business and marketing for Topland Engines Pvt. Ltd. Furthermore, Meet also has a course degree for Stock Market - Technical Analysis and has been trader for approximately a year.

GRISHMA BHANDERI, the Chief Designing Officer of NorthShore Mercury, has graduated from The University of Chicago - Illinois with dual degree in Industrial Design and Political Science. Grishma is currently pursuing masters degree in Graphic Designing at The Imperial College of Arts in London. Grishma has over four years of designing products for companies like Caterpillar etc. Ms. Bhanderi currently holds one patent.

Our Story

NorthShore Mercury started as a dream project after Mr. Bhanderi learned what sustainable fashion was with a small experience in Paris. Since then, Meet was not able to take the concept off his mind.

NorthShore Mercury is brand that strives to practice sustainability in all operations of it business. At every step, we make sure that we are not harming the environment and the community around us.