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Home of sustainable fashion.

Ethical Manufacturing

Promise To Bring Sustainability To Manufacturing and Producing

Environmental Sustainability

Promise To Save The Environment And Run Efficient Waste Management System.

Proud Of Our Partners

Environmentalists and Enthusiasts proudly wear our apparel in service to save the community and this planet.

100% Sustainable

River and Oceans in India are full of pollutants like plastic, banana peels, chemicals etc. Cleaning out and reusing these pollutants is the best way to save the environment.

Variety Of Options

NorthShore Mercury provides variety of apparel, styles and fabrics to pick from. Plastic, cotton, nylon or banana fiber. Our all fabrics are designed to protect the planet we live in.

Providing Value

Partnered with Renew Oceans to clean up the rivers and oceans around India to retrieve plastics and produce apparel out of waste.

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When you wear quality designer clothes, it's the pride that you carry with yourself on the streets. NorthShore Mercury provides just that to make you look bad and boujee when you rock the downtown. Drop a statement draped in Mercury clothing.

- Meet Bhanderi, Founder and CEO

NorthShore Mercury is the first brand in India to focus on 100% sustainability around all it's operation. We are a brand that the country will be proud of. Our customers, the MERCURIANS flaunt our apparel with pride. 

- Grishma Bhanderi, CDO

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NorthShore Mercury provides apparel that are produced sustainably to elevate your style and personality.

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